The Therapy



InJiva therapy focuses on the individual situation and needs.


Firstly the block or trauma that is the origin of the ailment or problem is removed, by gently touching the corresponding body area.


Secondly an explanatory talk that sheds light on,  and gives an understanding of the situation or problem.

This in turn will give the tools to truly help navigate through life.



Anxiety is one of InJiva Therapy specialities

Anxiety destroys people, it infiltrates all aspects of their life.


Unknowingly a person can live with anxiety in their life, or the person is unconsciously steered by anxiety. The result is always the same, an inflexible attitude to life  that  kills the ability of living in freedom.


InJiva Therapy can alleviate anxiety and give the possibility of a life free of all limitations caused by anxiety.


We are far too often influenced by other people's opinions, problems and actions. We become over involved in other people lives, thus loosing ourselves and the ability to stand fast.


The aim of InJiva Therapy is to find oneself and henceforth  to live in accordance with whatever feels true. Creating the life that is wished for.