The Therapy



InJiva Therapy removes the traumas and blockages with a light touch of the body, where they are found.

At the same time a conversation brings attention to, and understanding of, the persons situation or problems.

In this way the individual is given the tools, that will enable them to navigate in new and alternative ways in life.


Anxiety is one of the specialities of InJiva Therapy.


Anxiety completely undermines people and affects their life on all levels. No matter if you are aware of living with anxiety, or you are unaware of your life being controlled by anxiety, the result is restricted, negative and destructive thoughts, that prevents a life in freedom. 

The treatment releases anxiety, giving the possibility of living a life free from all the limitations of anxiety.


All to often we are influenced by other people's opinions, problems and actions, also by the attitudes of society.

This gives limited and ridgid thoughts about what you may do, what you can do, what you must do and what is right or wrong.

This results in you being torn apart, unable to stand firm or trust yourself.

InJiva Therapy has the goal that you will find yourself and live by what feels right for you.


Then you can create the life you wish.